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moray eels have got small dorsal fins and lack pectoral and pelvic fins, they don't really possess a great amount of side to side stableness. It is not rare to see moray eels resting or even drifting on their sides or even upside down.

Moray eels have a awful reputation, especially the Dragon Moray eel amid divers exploring reef spots. Typically, they aren't regarded as aggressive to divers unless of course annoyed or scared. A blunder that some scuba divers make is by using rocky locations for a hand-hold, which could come to be home to many moray eels. This action may scare a moray eel to lash out and bite in self-defense. Just like several “dangerous” sea creatures, they often will not bite except if first provoked.


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A Dragon Moray eel has an orange body with white and brown patches throughout. This eel is characterized by its thin, curved jaws, vivid red lines on the head, and elongated tubular nostrils. It can be found at depths of up to 60 meters ranging from the Hawaiian islands to Korea. This eel inhabits coral and rocky reefs, and is frequent in warm-temperate seas. It's not seen very often due to the fact that it's nocturnal and that it prefers cryptic habitats to live in. It feeds primarily on fishes and tiny cephalopods.

It is convenient to care for and can be suggested to everyone with a substantial aquarium and a big budget as most Dragon Moray eels for sale can be quite costly. While it can be shy at first as it feels more comfortable in your aquarium it will become more active. It may even venture out into the open if it feels safe enough.

A Japanese variety of the Dragon Moray has strong orange coloring compared to the regular Dragon Moray. This Japanese Dragon Moray eel is very sought after and is usually very costly with a price varying from around $1000 and up. Although not as widespread as the Zebra or Snowflake Morays it can still be found with time and persistence.

The Dragon Moray eel is a highly predatory and very aggressive fish species. It should never be kept with anything that is tiny enough to fit within its jaws as it will try to eat it. It should not be kept with fearful fish and is best kept with other large aggressive fish such as trigger and puffers or by itself in a species aquarium. The Dragon Moray eel in spite of being aggressive be quite shy. Adequately adorned fish tanks will persuade it to become more lively and less shy.

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